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Designing a Training Program Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Designing a Training Program - Research Paper Example Consequently, the overall attitude and dedication of the employees along with its integration with the core objectives of the business is also important in ensuring the overall succession of the unit (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). Correspondingly, in this particular research focused would be levied on developing a training program for a group of 20 employees for a particular organization. In this process planning has been undertaken for providing training to 20 employees of the business in order to mitigate the prevailing issues of the workplace, which is highly required to make employees efficient in terms of their skills, abilities and dedication towards the work that they execute within the workplace. In this regard, it can be affirmed that appropriate training will be important in order to increases the capability of the 20 employees of the business especially towards attaining better operational performance along with dealing with the dynamics of the external environment. . Moreover, it has also been ascertained that training program will significantly assist these employees to reboot their skills and knowledge regarding the necessary roles and responsibilities that they will require to have to comply wi th the implementation of a new technology within the workplace. Besides, it is also the current organizational culture of the business that encourages the workforce to acquire the diversified skill in their respective task, which can be steered using appropriate training program (Aguinis & Kraiger, 2009). The training session has been carried out for two days with a formal procedure, which is deemed to be sufficient in developing specialization of knowledge for the employees. In this context, it has also been ascertained that the training secession will help the employees to develop soft skills and enhance their learning in the area of production and other operational related aspects. Moreover, method of

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Get Past Papers of Pak301 Final Term Solved Today

Get Past Papers of Pak301 Final Term Solved TodayThe memory test for Pak301 Final Term has many questions on it and the questions can be quite challenging but with a little bit of practice you should be able to get through the entire test. This article will outline some of the most challenging questions on the test and some techniques that you can use to help you pass the test.The question for this section is the same as the first paper, 'Identify a person or group in the following lines'. This is one of the harder sections of the test and is also a bit more challenging than the first one. This question also requires you to use your memory. You will need to remember not only the name of the person or group but also the person's age, sex, and where they live.Each section of the test consists of multiple choice questions, and if you have taken the test in the past you may have seen yourself answering questions about different subjects. When you see yourself answering questions about on e of the subjects above, you will be presented with the same set of questions all over again. In this section you will see that you will need to answer a number of different sets of questions that will require you to make an evaluation between two answers.You will also see that you have questions that require you to draw pictures to illustrate a particular topic. All of these questions will be difficult to answer, but with a little bit of practice you should be able to answer them all. Once you are able to answer all of these questions successfully, you will receive the grade of 8 out of a possible 10 on your paper.There are other sections of the test that are less challenging than the first papers, but this is one of the more difficult sections of the test. There are also a few tests that will be quite easy to do, but this will depend on what section you choose to take the test. As mentioned earlier, there are a few questions that will require you to use your memory, but these can be very easy and time saving.One other trick that you can use is to save your past papers. Most of the past papers of the past years were done at the end of the semester, but there are also some that you can download from the internet. When you save your paper, you will be able to look back on it when you are feeling like you just cannot solve the problem.Hopefully these tips will help you find the best way to solve your past papers of Pak301 Final Term. Good luck!

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What to Expect From Tourism Research Paper Topics?

What to Expect From Tourism Research Paper Topics? It explores the price of individual and authentic art in many of boutique hotels in the united kingdom, and interviews are conducted with hotel management and guests to specify the role that art plays in opting to stay with particular hotels. You should select a company that's well-known and one with a great history of always providing the ideal essay samples and ideas to their clients. Naturally, the area of business is quite wide. However, things have changed since the debut of the net. What You Need to Know About Tourism Research Paper Topics Writing a research paper in Geography can be a difficult task because all of the info you use have to be valid, authenticated, and recent. Deciding on a distinctive and interesting topic is likely to make dissertation writing very effortless. If you think that your topic is too unusual for all of us to find a writer, you may use completely free inquiry provide a description of your assignment, and we're going to scour our database for an appropriate writer in a couple of hours. Writing research papers is fun provided that you want to know more about the matter. By means of this study, the crucial services that could promote tourism is going to be pointed out. Investigate in your work what you have to organize an adequate educational tourism program. Another objective ofeco-tourism is to give social and financial opportunities to local communities. There's a negative effect of such hazards on the tourism market. A primary dependency of the tourism business is the agriculture market. The industry gives a wide selection of employment both View Article 1. Overall the tourism business is slowly increasing despite the negative elements that thrown them they had the ability to increase and continue on. People from all around the world would come to Florida just to visit these parks. People travelling to other nations and outside their customary environment with the aim of leisure can be categorized as tourists. Some countries are rich only on account of the well-developed tourism system which attracts people from all around the world that are prepared to devote their money for those services and attractions the nation is renowned for. But just a few decades past, only people from affluent countries used to indulge within this leisure. Rightly so, because selecting a topic should not be taken lightly as the topic choice has an important role in developing your academic paper. The advantages and disadvantages of creating an organic ecology for a tourist attraction may also be a topic that will get attention of the readers. The perfect topic will be wholly unique and interest the student. The ideal way to pick an excellent topic on tourism is to choose something that's interest ing to you. The paper intends to elaborate that the access to essential services is a fundamental consideration. It is intended to be not read but listened to, and this must be considered. Each customer will receive a non-plagiarized paper with timely shipping. Your paper ought to be original and distinctive. If you'd like excellent paper essay examples, reach out to us here today and we'll do our very best to offer you the most suitable guidance. The subject of your paper should show what lies within your paper. It should be direct. The Hidden Secret of Tourism Research Paper Topics It is among the most frequent assignments you will encounter. By this, you will have the ability to create a tourism research topic that will offer you results the tutors expects. You ought to do this a couple times in order to fully grasp the most crucial sections of the coursework. Go nowhere just get in touch with our writers and receive the ideal assignment crafted for you in a few of hours. Scholars have a tendency to put more effort into interesting projects since they are curious to learn more which is going to be a plus. On the subsequent list from thesis helpers, students may find 25 of the very best topic tips for tourism. In some instances, teachers would give an overall idea and you're tasked to choose a particular idea dependent on the general ideas he presented. Teachers and professors utilize plagiarism checkers on a normal basis.

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The Do This, Get That Guide On Descxriptive Essay Topics

The Do This, Get That Guide On Descxriptive Essay Topics The Principles of Descxriptive Essay Topics That You Can Benefit From Starting Today Do not pick up every bit of information which you run into. So, the choice of the topic is most important. In the event you can't figure out how to decide on the topic yourself, don't get upset too soon. At precisely the same time, make sure to found your topic on an intriguing subject. Climate change is a global topic. If you decide on this as a topic be certain you deliver some viable solutions to fix the issue. For that reason, it's imperative you fully grasp the topic properly before approaching it. The topic in itself is not quite as essential as to how it's presented. Choosing Descxriptive Essay Topics Is Simple Though the healthcare is free of charge, it's for soldiers and their families. From the example, egg in the health care jargon is linked to the maturation of the human baby. Don't forget the manner of the question you're answering and don't begin introducing new topics simply to pad out your answer. There are cases which people have variations in regards to interpreting or giving meanings to words. For example, the essay might only concentrate on the causes of a certain actions. It's well worth mentioning that in the majority of the scenarios the student is to write either about the reason or about the result. It's beneficial for a student to compose a cause and effect essay since it propels him to consider the situation in depth to produce the explanations for the birth of that circumstance and its eventual effect on everything it affects. The expert essay writers thus get a good deal of scopes to select the causes and link the effects with them. The essay should force you to look like a genuine expert, who can view the make a difference from various angles and discover the benefits and flaws in it. A cause-effect essay on the subject of deforestation could concentrate on the reasons behind the destruction and the effect it has. Generally, there's a lot of room for creativity in descriptive essays, and they are not as academic in tone than other kinds of essays. The absolute most important thing here is to select among the greatest descriptive essay topics, as failing to decide on a write topic will prevent you from turning in an amazing essay. Often times there are a couple of actions that may be understood to be able to create essays and essay topics that will land the greater grade. If you are searching for tips about how to compose a descriptive essay, you've come to the proper location. It is wise to select a topic that falls beneath your expertise and will let you bring out the essay in its finest. The topic also needs to be the one which provides the students sufficient to write on. Fantastic essay topics could be found online, but a lot of them are pretty old and not intriguing. When the subject of the essay is finalized you are now prepared to write. The Nuiances of Descxriptive Essay Topics There are several varieties of essays there in the world you can just lose your head. You may even fail the class. To summarize, there are lots of strategies to turn your own personal life experiences into fun papers. Ensure your totally free roaming imagination doesn't turn up with irrelevant or useless info. The Benefits of Descxriptive Essay Topics You'll get your essay punctually and, ever since your satisfaction is guaranteed, you won't need to worry! The group of specialist essay writers is always prepared to aid you with that in no moment! Usually, a structure of essay contains three principal sections, in other words, introduction, body, and conclusion. The larger content permits the writer to pick the reason and what the effects were from the very long list and create the essay impressive and worth reading. Good research is indispensable in regards to writing an excellent cause and effect essay. An elongated essay on applied chemistry depends upon the chemical content. The very first step of the procedure is a careful collection of the topic. Applied ethics tell us how can we take moral knowledge and place it into practice.

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The Case of Donald Rumsfeld and Prisoner Abuse at Abu Ghraib Essay Example for Free

The Case of Donald Rumsfeld and Prisoner Abuse at Abu Ghraib Essay The report on the case of Donald Rumsfeld starts off with Rumsfeld’s hearing (May 7, 2004) with the Senate Armed Services Committees. His response to the question of whether he should resign or not; is â€Å"If I felt I could not be effective, I’d resign in a minute. † The report also gives an account of General Antonio Taguba’s investigation results of Abu Ghraib. He gives a report on the following: Conditions, training, Standard Operating procedures, prison crowding, culture and accountability. In Federalist 41 Madison notes in the Constitution two specific concerns about government power: total power of government over the people and the allocation of power among the entities of government. He states that he does not want unnecessary or improper power given to government be it state or federal. In the case of Donald Rumsfeld and the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib; the soldiers believe they have the power to inflict harsh techniques on the detainees in order to get them to talk. This article will analyze General Taguba’s report. I will examine the problems in this case through the use of theories. CBS’s Sixty Minutes II releases a video with images of torture and abuse; the prisoners endure at the hands of the American soldiers. The video displays naked prisoners crawling on the floor. Some forced into sexual positions; while others are naked and blooded. The media brings this to public awareness worldwide through internet, television and radio shows. Bush and his administration allege that they have no knowledge of the problems or the allegations prior to the CBS airing to television audiences. The Americans and the Arab people express their concern with questions. Who should be accountable for the guards’ actions? Are they instructed to abide by the Geneva Convention? What signals are they receiving from superiors that this behavior is tolerable? DeVreese suggest that how the media frames issues affects how the public perceive the issues. This involves looking at an issue from different perspectives (DeVreese 2004, 36-52). The Taguba Report Major Antonio Taguba is given a directive to investigate the allegations of abuse, the failure in accountability and the escapes. In March 2004, Major Taguba reports that there is a problem in leadership. He confirms the allegations of abuse and disorder in the prison. The Geneva Convention The United States and Iraq is in agreement to the Geneva Convention. Therefore they have obligations to: (a) Treat everyone humanely, regardless of sex, beliefs, race, or status (b) Take no hostages (c) Not engage in treatment of humiliating or degrading (d) Impose executions without court approval While Military officials and most members of Congress, the public and Secretary Rumsfeld are in agreement that the United States Army is in violation of the Geneva Convention at Abu Ghraib, what is uncertain is the question what encourage the actions? Conditions at Abu Ghraib Although (BK) Janis Karpinski is commander of the 800th Military Police Brigade; Taguba’s reports that the brigade is lacking leadership and operational integrity. Taguba findings suggest that top military brass, officials in the Department of Defense or the Bush Administration is closing their eyes or encourage the soldiers’ behavior. Mosher believes that the public sector must maintain a higher standard of integrity and professionalism. (Mosher 1938, 332-342). Training Taguba learns that from the MP personnel to the 320th MP Battalion and the 372nd MP Company has very little to no training or instruction in neither detention/internee operation nor the rules of the Geneva Convention. Although the soldiers say they are trained regularly, there is no documentation to support their statements. Box’s article Running Government Like a Business, shrinking government by contracting out services or returning them to the private sector on the premise that the private sector s more efficient or the assertion that the public sector should simply be smaller(Box 1999,19-43). by the government trying to save money by contracting out; contracting companies are trying to cut cost. Training their workers would cost more money Standard Operating Procedures Within the 800th MP Brigade and its subordinate units there is a lack of knowledge, implementation of the standard operating rules and procedures. Each facility detention, compound, encampment and shift for handling of detainees and criminal prisoner’s procedures differs. There is a need for a check and balance system to maintain compliance. Coopers gives a primary example of accountability problem in war privatization, i. e. , the legal status of contractors. Neither civilian nor military laws cover inappropriate contractor behavior such as torture or unnecessary force resulting in loss of non-combatant life. This is particularly problematic in the Iraq situation where contractors are exempt from local law and they are not bound by U. S. civilian or military law. In some contracts, but not all, contractors who commit a felony are subject to U. S. urisdiction; however, this law does not clearly apply to subcontractors or to third-party nationals and the Pentagon has not written the implementation regulations for the law. In addition, because the contractor has control over day-to-day information concerning the behavior of the employees working in another country, it could be difficult for government prosecutors to secure evidence necessary to investigate an allegation of wrong doing. This is why Tagua saw a lack of training and accountability. The U. S. relieves the responsibility up to the Contracting Companies to train their workers. Prison Crowding Taguba’s report shows the overcrowding of the prisoners is one of the reasons for the poor living condition. The overcrowding is causing identification problem among the leaders in the detainee population who may be organizing the detainee’s escapes and riots. The unrest and overcrowding is due to the lengthy screening and processing and release of detainees who should not be in custody. There are three categories for releasing detainees. (1. ) A detainee can be release if it is determine that detaining them is no longer warrant. 2) If it is determine that a criminal detainee has not part of a terrorist group and that they will not be a danger to society. (3) Detainees accused of committing a crime against the coalition can be release if it is determine that they are no longer a threat to the Coalition Forces. The Detainee Release Authority grants recommendation for releases, but MG Fast regularly denies the board’s recommendations. Culture Operational Journals at different compounds and the 302th Battalion TOC reveal a lot of unprofessional documentations and no chain of command to review them. US civilian contract personnel are not supervising properly. The contractors have open access to the detainees. Accountability The detainees can move from location to another and not be accounted for; due to falsification of process sheets. BK Karpinski reports her findings and recommendations with follow ups and changes regarding the escapes and accountability lapses. Taguba reports that if Karpinski is accurate then the abuse, escapes and accountability lapses may be prevented. Prisoners of War, Terrorists and Enemy Combatants The new era of foreign policy and the promise to define the Bush presidency is a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Bush promise to find and punish the terrorists. The need for the Intelligence to pursue and prevent the terrorist from further attacks on the U. S. puts pressure on the interrogators to accomplish the mission. This relates to Eshbaugh-Soha and Peakes argument that chief executives are rather powerful in setting the policy agenda because Congress, the news media, and the public look to the president for this fact. In order for the president to set the policy agenda, he must command the medias attention so that the media is able to provide information to the public in regards to the presidents initiatives. The best way to do this is in the form of speeches or press conferences, which Bush did. | Because the Taliban and AlQaeda fighters are not under the Geneva Convention; the Administration recommendation to Donald Rumsfeld is to approve 35 full range techniques. Only nine are for exceptional use. the Military lawyer express how that the beginning of these recommendations will cause their ivilian counterparts within the Department of Defense will give approval for getting information about terrorist activity as top priority. Rumsfeld is given a memo by the same Administration warning him of a possible backlash if the nine techniques be used. The Administration also says that if the treatment becomes public, exaggeration and distorting by the media. The media will undermine the support for the war on terrorism. The U. S. officials will be facing human rights prosecution abroad and will be a ploy to have a reason for mistreatment of captured American Soldiers. Weeks later Rumsfeld denies 11 of the 35 techniques. The Media The Financial Times report accusations that official in the Bush Administration set a precedent for abuse and torture. The report reveals congress accusing Bush Administration of sanctioning torture by preparing legal documents that states harsh treatment of detainees is permissible under the United States and International Laws. Financial Times also reports the Statement of U. S. Military Lawyers regarding how they felt shut out of the prison policy. Some of the soldiers say that they are getting mix messages about the rules on prisoners. De Vrees says that news framing involves seeing the issue from either a conflict or an economic consequences perspective He suggests that this framing process determines whether the voter sees the issue as a conflict or economic issue. Here the Financial Times frame the report from a conflict. The government is seen as the ones who gave directives to abuse the detainees. This can hurt the president next election. Bilder and Vagts believes that government attorneys obligations greater than those of private sector attorneys. The client is the entire agency, the entire U. S. government, and the American public. An important difference between the government and private attorney is that the government attorneys advice does not have definitive judicial review. Because of the lack of a safety net in decision making process; there is a greater burden on the government attorney. The Military Lawyers shares with Financial Times how they felt left out of the prison making policy. In Conclusion Although the soldiers were discipline for their participation in the detainee’s abuse; U.  S. government is responsible for the detainees suffering. The U. S. soldiers should have kept their oath and agreement to abide by the Geneva Convention. Donald Rumsfeld did the right thing by resigning. Wilson theory on authority, he suggests that power and discretion must accompany responsibility and that power and discretion need to be provided to the public administrator. He adds that more power creates greater visibility which in turn creates more accountability. As the Defense Secretary he was given more power over the U. S. oldiers; therefore is more accountable. As an Administrator, I would ensure that the soldiers are trained; procedures are in place and adhere to. I would visit the prisons myself and question the detainees, their visitors and other staff to make sure that operational needs are met. Wilson theory on authority, he suggests that power and discretion must accompany responsibility and that power and discretion need to be provided to the public administrator. He adds that more power creates greater visibility which in turn creates more accountability.

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Free College Essays - The Mood of Othello in Shakespeares Othello :: GCSE Coursework Shakespeare Othello

The Mood of Othello  Ã‚      Othello is a play that evokes many emotions from a reader’s mind. The mood is changing, yet throughout, it demands a lot of contempt for the villain, Iago. Beginning with act one, there is an immediate setting for suspicion which will remain characteristic throughout the whole story. There is a touch of happiness for the newlyweds, Othello and Desdemona, which quickly disintegrates with the mighty villains lies and deceit. There is a feeling of empathy for Othello when his extreme, yet falsely founded jealousy causes him to lose his mind, and his beloved wife. The mood is sad and frustrating when poor innocent Desdemona is being punished for a crime she didn’t commit. And at the end there is a slight feeling of satisfaction that Iago’s plan was revealed, yet the mood is overwhelmingly depressing because Othello and Desdemona both suffered severely and died. Iago introduces suspicion in the very first scene. He is discussing how he hates Othello, yet he must feign loyalty for his position. This is already a clue to the reader that Iago cannot be trusted. This feeling of mistrust is vital in the mood of the play because it is most ironic that Othello trusts Iago as much as to murder his own wife. This ironic plot creates a frustrating feeling for the reader which is felt throughout the play. The mood is tense when we find out that Brabantio is angry that Othello has taken his daughter. He i s determined that Othello must have tricked Desdemona into loving him. Othello defends his love for her, and she in turn vows her love for him. This situation of a forbidden relationship is romantic, it makes the reader feel a great deal of respect and happiness for their mutual love. When Iago begins poisoning Othello’s mind with false suspicion of Desdemona’s fidelity, the mood is extremely frustrating. The reader is aware of Iago’s lies, yet Othello is being easily led to believe them. This also evokes anger towards Iago, he is evil in his constant lying, yet he is referred to by Othello as kind and honest. This irony is painful to the reader because it is so blatant. Othello’s extreme jealousy causes the reader a combination of emotions. Jealousy is a very painful emotion, and the reader sympathizes with Othello. Yet, since the reader is aware of the falseness in the roots of the jealousy, they feel a little disgusted by how easily Othello is being tricked.

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Ocean carrier Essay

The purpose of this report is to evaluate whether Ocean Carriers Inc. should immediately commission a new capesize carrier that would cost $39 million, and would be completed two years hence, in order to finalize a lease of the ship for a three-year period with a potential charterer in very good faith. The contrasting tax regulations between the two countries where the company locates its office, and the different cost-benefit circumstances under different length of time in service are considered in the analysis. Taking all available information into consideration, we highly recommend that the company should purchase the new capesize carrier, have it registered under the Hong Kong office, and put it on a scheme for a 25-year service. Industry Prospects Capesize carriers are mainly used to carry iron ore and coal worldwide. The daily hire rates are therefore determined by the total exports of iron ore and coal, the distance between the exporting countries and the destinations, and the fleet size of capesizes in service. According to the market trends, in the next few years, Australian production in iron ore is expected to be strong and Indian iron ore exports are expected to take off. However, imports of iron ore and coal are expected to be stagnant in next two years. Therefore, total exports of iron ore and coal will be flat in the coming two years, and will rise remarkably in the following few years. Besides, as East Asia countries absorb the largest portion of the iron ore imports, the joining of India to the iron ore exporting won’t significantly increase travel distance because Australia is almost the same distance away by water. Moreover, in 2001 and 2002, 63 and 33 new capesize vessels would be delivered adding up to about 17% of total capesizes currently in service. Consequently, in the first two years, the supply of capesizes would be greater than the demand, the daily hire rates are expected to decrease. But in the mid-to-long run, the daily hire rates are expected to increase continuously. Revenues and Costs – Intuitions Before going into the numbers, we want to discuss some intuitions of this project that support the decision of purchasing the capesize. First, the increasing mid-to-long run daily hire rates will provide basis for promising future cash flows. Secondly, although the daily hire rate for the first two years are expected to be low, the charterer had already offered a rate higher than expected to compensate the company. Thirdly, a great portion of the expenditures come from the preparation for special surveys which should be renewed every five years if the ship needs to stay in the business. The high escalation of costs between the second and third surveys, and the fourth and fifth surveys, indicates that maximum net present value of the project would be achieved when the carrier serves for either 15 years or 25 years. Free Cash Flows In this part, we will discuss the detailed numbers. Some assumptions are made based on the economic outlook and company characteristics when calculating free cash flows. We assume that inflation rate is 3% per annual, and that operation cost would increase 1% above inflation rate per annual. We assume that discount rate is 9%, and will discuss the impact of a rate change later. Provided that the scrape value is estimated to be $5 million at the end of the fifteenth year, we estimate that the value would decrease to $4 million due to more wear in the steel. Please refer to Exhibits 1 to 4 for the calculations of estimated free cash flows and NPVs. We can see that if the company chooses to purchase the capesize, have it registered in Hong Kong instead of USA, and runs it for 25 years, the NPV will be the highest compared to other alternatives. Besides, the Hong Kong option (have the vessel registered in Hong Kong) dominates the USA option (have the vessel registered in USA) because no tax is required in Hong Kong in these operations. Also, the 25-year option dominates the 15-year option because, even if the scrap value is reduced to zero after 25 years, the NPVs for options that keep the capesize for 25 years are still higher than for 15 years. Sensitivity Analysis In the above calculations for the NPVs, we assume discount rate to be 9%. If the discount rate is higher, the NPVs for the projects will be reduced because the benefits from recording depreciation and tax deferring will increase. For example, we found that the USA-25-year option will produce a positive NPV if the discount rate is lowered to 6.67%. However, even if the discount rate is as low as 0.1%, the HK option still dominates the US option, and the 25-year option still dominates the 15-year option. Conclusion To sum up, if Ocean Carriers Inc. purchase a $39 million capesize carrier immediately, register it in Hong Kong, sign the three-year contract with the charterer, and keep the vessel in business for 25 years, based on estimations, it would acquire the largest possible NPV of $3.89 million on the project.